The production plants

Chiesi’s Global Manufacturing Division (GMD) is responsible for the supply of more than 110 million units of product per year by our plants in Italy, France and Brazil. We base the organization of our work on the principles of Lean Manufacturing, a system that aims to increase efficiency and flexibility of the productive lines. The system allows to achieve quantitative targets, but also to increase the participation of operators in the improvement process, bringing benefits in terms of professional development, motivation and climate. In Chiesi, in fact we aim to obtain excellence in manufacturing, while meeting the growing demands of international markets, by building more cohesive working methods and sharing knowledge and ideas in all three plants, thanks to a network that allows greater integration of skills and experience.

Our team works with passion, dedication and commitment, to maintain the highest level of attention to detail: every single unit of the 110 million products manufactured is meticulously controlled.This attention to quality is supported by highly efficient management processes, which are constantly reviewed and refined.



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