Research and development in Chiesi: a continuos investment in our future

Innovation is the driving force behind every technologically advanced industry; however, for the pharmaceutical industry it plays a vital role because it concerns the health and quality of life of people. For Chiesi, Research and Development are a true human and technological asset and, together with innovation, the driver of company growth.

Our Research & Development team represents a fundamental asset for the business. It comprises integrated functional areas focusing on pipeline projects including discovery and preclinical research, chemistry and manufacturing controls, drug delivery technology, clinical development, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, intellectual property, quality assurance, project management and leadership, and R&D portfolio management. Moreover, R&D functions also support products already on the market through pharmacovigilance and regulatory activities.

Headquartered in the purpose-built and fully integrated Research and Development Centre in Parma, the team also has important activities in Paris, Chippenham and Oxford (UK), Cary (US) and in Lidingo (Sweden) and Hillerod (Denmark). The goals of this experienced cross-functional team are highly focused on the delivery of the pipeline on a global basis and increased productivity to support the growth goals.

Most of Chiesi’s medicinal products originate from in-house research whilst others involve cooperation and partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies; in fact, 81% of our turnover comes from products developed by our R&D division.