Environmental Responsibility

At Chiesi, we are committed to protecting our Planet, minimizing our impact and preserving resources for future generations. We cannot prosper in a dying planet. We want to go beyond compliance with the strictest international regulations and standards on environmental protection, and consider environmental sustainability as a key aspect of the Company’s growth.

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Our commitments

  • We care for the Planet: air pollution and greenhouse gases have negative impacts for all living beings. We strive to reduce at a minimum our emissions as well as exposure to chemicals.

  • We care for the future generations: we advocate the importance of responsible consumption and production not only to reduce negative impacts but also to preserve the Planet’s resources for the future generations.

  • We care for Partners: we encourage our suppliers to operate according to sustainable practices through knowledge sharing and regular appraisal of their conduct.

Chiesi's enviromental performance in 2017

In 2017, the electricity consumption amounted to 30.6 GWh, a 30% decrease compared to 2016 (equal to 43.6 GWh), notwithstanding

an increase in production during the year (5)

In 2017, we produced 29,739 tons of total CO2 emissions (scope 1 and scope 2), reducing our total CO2 emissions by 9% compared to 2016 (equal to 32,762 tons of total CO2) (5)

In 2017 we withdrew around 280,810 m³ of water from the water network managed by municipalities (6)

In 2017 we produced 3,537 tons of waste, reducing the production of hazardous waste by 1% (from 428 tons in 2016 to 426 tons in 2017)(7)

(5) The perimeter of data for energy consumption and emissions does not include the commercial Affiliates of Chiesi SA (Belgium), Chiesi Pharma AB (Nordics) and R&D centres of Zymenex A/S (DK- Hillerod), Chiesi Healthcare Limited (UK - Chippenham) and Atopix Therapeutics Limited (UK -Oxford).

(6) The perimeter of data for water consumptions refers only to production sites and R&D centres and does not include the R&D centres of the following Affiliates: Zymenex A/S (SE- Lidingo) and Chiesi Healthcare Limited (UK-Chippenham).

(7) The perimeter of data for waste production refers only to production sites and R&D centres and does not include the R&D centres of the following Affiliates: Zymenex A/S (SE - Lidingo) and Chiesi Healthcare Limited (UK- Chippenham).

Chiesi's main activities for the enviroment in 2017

In 2017 the HSE audit activities on production sites and R&D centres continued in the framework of a three-year audit program. In this regard, Chiesi France and Chiesi Brazil are working to obtain ISO 14001 certification in 2018.

The Green PC project aims to reduce the energy waste of office computers. Energy saving policies have been applied through the installation of PowerMAN software.

We analysed the environmental impacts of our value chain using a Life Cycle Perspective (LCP): from R&D to the “end of life” of products, through the production and distribution phases.

In order to lower emissions, by reducing urban traffic, we have engaged Chiesi people in sustainable mobility initiatives. Company carpooling through the JOJOB car-sharing platform has been introduced for the Parma Headquarters.

Carbon Footprint Analysis, already in place for the production processes of two of our main respiratory medicines, is being extended to all manufacturing processes, in order to accurately quantify the impacts of our products in terms of climate change, as well as to drive our design choices during the various R&D phases.

Before organizing business travel, we try to consider alternative solutions and with a lower environmental impact. This concept will be the milestone of our travel policy which, once implemented for all employees, will strengthen our focus on the environmental impact of business travel.

Our Green Program for car-fleet management in Europe has the ambition to reduce the CO2 emissions by Company cars by 9% by the end of 2019. Progress in 2017 was on track to meet this objective.

We have started the construction of our new state-of-theart Headquarters in Parma, which aims to meet the highest standards in terms of both liveability and environmental sustainability.