Chairman’s Statement

2017 has been an important year for Chiesi: full of challenges and achievements, strategic changes and new milestones. Most notable among our achievements was our commitment to actively and increasingly operate our business in a way that ensures long-term sustainability, as defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This Report will highlight the key elements of our strategy to integrate sustainability into our core business practices, with the understanding that, to do so, drives value for our company and all its stakeholders.

Chiesi has always defined our mission more broadly than by simple measures of financial success. This sense of responsibility is rooted in the values of our founder and the Chiesi family, who have always placed people – and not profit – at the center of their work. For more than 80 years, our company has grown and expanded by focusing on the needs of patients and of the wider community and by operating our business and choosing our innovative projects in the interest of their well-being.

This seed of responsibility to our environment and to our fellow human beings has been nurtured and cultivated over the years, and has matured into a solid commitment that continues to inform our strategy and guide our activities.

For this reason, we have chosen to become ambassadors and active promoters of sustainability and to contribute our resources and capabilities to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda. We are conscious of the role that every member of society, companies included, can play to contribute to global changes that can no longer be postponed.

At Chiesi, we choose to pursue sustainability in a visible and tangible way, by monitoring and measuring our impact on the world around us, by openly communicating about our progress and challenges, and by committing to continuous improvement in everything we do.

Alberto Chiesi